A Helpful Wasp Prevention Guide For Your Riverside Yard


While some pests in Riverside are harmless, stinging insects like wasps are not. Wasps are sadly a common pest invader in the area. They are most active in the summer months as they emerge to reproduce and build nests. So, when you're trying to enjoy your property, you might see them flying around and getting too close. But, even though not all wasps are aggressive, finding one around your yard can be terrifying, and there are some risks. Wasp venom can cause allergic reactions in some people, and some wasp species will even sting more than once.

If you want to protect your yard from wasps, the best thing to do is read this guide put together by the experts at Compass Pest Management. You'll get helpful wasp control tips and learn more about Riverside's common kinds of wasps.

Types Of Wasps Found In Riverside

There are various stinging insects in Riverside, and most of these are paper wasps. These wasps build their nests out of a papery material and are usually a brown or black color with reddish or orange markings. They aren't super aggressive but will sting to defend their nests.

Then, there are yellow jackets. Despite their name, they are a subset of wasps. Yellow jackets are slender and have black and yellow striped patterns. They are more aggressive than the average wasp and often sting multiple times, and this means that even people who aren't particularly allergic to the venom could wind up in the hospital.

Wasps Can Be Dangerously Aggressive

You'll never forget that intense, stinging sensation when you're stung by a wasp. Even just one sting on your body can feel extremely painful, and the area might start to swell up. If you were to be stung by multiple wasps, the risks of the venom would increase. Young children and the elderly are especially at risk of hospitalization. 

The other issue is that most wasps don't lose their stinger like bees. Instead, they can inject you with their venom repeatedly.

Five Naturally Effective Wasp Prevention Tips For Your Yard

Once you have a wasp infestation, trying to remove it on your own isn't wise. It's dangerous to try and eradicate wasp nests. If you have a nest around your yard, the Riverside pest control experts at Compass Pest Management are your best bet. However, if you don't currently have wasps, you can take these steps to prevent them:

  1. Store pet food inside the house and clean up outdoor food and drink spills.
  2. Keep flowering plants to a minimum and don't overwater.
  3. Practice good sanitation habits by getting lids for trash cans. Also, clean up ofter around the yard to remove debris. 
  4. Trim the trees and shrubs around the property to remove overhangs where wasps like to nest.
  5. Remove access to standing water. Start by cleaning out gutters and removing any areas where water pools. 

Finally, ongoing home pest control plans can keep wasps and other dangerous insects away from your yard and home throughout the year. 

The Secret To Total Wasp Control For Your Yard

Even one wasp around your yard can upset you, and no one wants to be stung. So, if you are tired of dealing with these stinging insects, let our team at Compass Pest Management assist you right away. We provide effective eradication services and wasp prevention options. Our professionals can remove a wasp nest safely, so you don't have to put yourself at risk. Call us today to learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services or get a quote.

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