Stinging Insects

Stinging Insects

What Are Stinging Insects?

It's easy to confuse bees for wasps and vice versa. To help you distinguish between the two, here are some traits of each:


  • We have honey bees and carpenter bees in the area.
  • Bees have round, fuzzy, or hairy bodies.
  • They create their nests out of wax.
  • Bees consume pollen and nectar.


  • Paper wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets are in the Riverside area.
  • Wasps have a slender body with a "waist" and are shiny with no hair.
  • They create a paper-like nest out of chewed wood and saliva.
  • Wasps consume prey such as spiders and other insects.

Both bees and wasps play an essential part in a healthy ecosystem. Bees help to pollinate, and wasps help to control insect populations.

Stinging Insects

Are Stinging Insects Dangerous?

Stinging insects are dangerous because people can be allergic to their venom and experience a severe reaction from a single sting, including anaphylaxis. However, bees and wasps vary depending on the species. Honey bees have a barbed stinger, which means they can only sting once. All other stinging insects have a smooth stinger so that they can sting multiple times.

In general, stinging insects that live in large colonies are more dangerous because they can swarm and attack, but wasps are also more aggressive than bees. It's always best to leave any stinging insects you come across alone.

Why Do I have a Stinging Insect Problem?

Stinging insect nests seem to pop up out of nowhere, but the reality is these pests choose specific locations. Bees will select a property that has or is close to plants that produce nectar. In comparison, wasps look for prey pests.

Where Will I Find Stinging Insects?

When building their nests, bees and wasps look for a place that offers protection like under decks, siding, eaves, garbage cans, trees, stumps, logs, and underground. They can also get into wall voids and build large nests.

How Do I Get Rid of Stinging Insects?

As you read above, stinging insects are dangerous, so it is best to leave their removal and control to experts. At Compass Pest Management, we offer specialty removal services for bees and wasps.

We use only the most effective methods to get rid of stinging insects by first identifying the species. We treat for honey bees, carpenter bees, paper wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets.

You can expect only the best services from our licensed and experienced technicians. Riverside stinging insect removal comes with a two-week follow-up and 30-day warranty, so call us at Compass Pest Management to work with our experts. 

How Can I Prevent Stinging Insects in the Future?

You can do a few things to make your property less attractive to bees and wasps.

Remove nesting sites:

  • Fill in ground holes.
  • Remove stumps and dead trees.
  • Keep lids on garbage cans.
  • Repair any cracks in your home's exterior to prevent them from getting inside the walls.
  • Make sure sheds, garages, and other outbuildings have no entry points.

Remove food sources:

  • Keep garbage and compost secure.
  • Clean up fallen fruit in your yard.
  • Reduce flowing plants on your property.
  • Remove crumbs and other food that attracts prey pests.

Remember, stinging insect removal should only be performed by a professional. Call Compass Pest Management for help with bees and wasps on your property. 

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