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Comprehensive Pest Control Solutions In Riverside, CA

In Southern California's heart, Riverside is a vibrant city with a rich history and diverse community. Unfortunately, significant pest issues come with all the beauty and culture of living in Riverside. 

The good news is that pests don’t have to be a problem for you and your family because we are here to help. We are Compass Pest Management, and we are your local pest control experts. We are committed to preserving the sanctity of your space and ensuring you can enjoy the beauty of Riverside without worrying about pests and the issues they can cause.

Residential Pest Control In Riverside

Returning home after a long day shouldn’t cause more stress. It should be a comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable experience, not a confrontation with unwanted pests. At Compass Pest Management, we ensure your home remains pest-free with a residential pest control plan designed specifically for Riverside homeowners.

We design our home pest control plans to eliminate active infestations and prevent future pest problems. We’ll treat the interior of your home, focusing on areas where pests are most common, including baseboards, high-traffic areas, cracks, crevices, and anywhere else pests may hide in your home. Outside your home, we’ll de-web the exterior of your home and build a barrier of protection using long-lasting treatments. After the initial treatment, we’ll schedule regular follow-ups to keep your home pest-free. 

Call us today, and let us protect your home from pests and the issues they can cause. We’ll ensure you can come home to a pest-free home and enjoy life in Riverside with your family and friends.

Commercial Pest Control In Riverside

As busy as a day can be as a business owner, the last thing you want to deal with is an easily preventable problem like a pest infestation. Not only do pests take time out of your day, they can cost you money, destroy inventory, and drive away customers. 

The best way to avoid unnecessary headaches and to keep your business pest-free is to partner with us for commercial pest control you can count on. We’ll develop a customized plan to eliminate the active infestations around your commercial property and keep them from returning. 

Don’t let pests cause easily preventable problems and cost your business money. Call us today for commercial pest control you can count on. We’ll keep your company pest-free so you can focus on running a successful business in Riverside without worrying about pests affecting your bottom line.

How to Tell If It's Gopher Damage Around Your Riverside Lawn

The manicured lawns of Riverside often fall victim to a small but destructive animal. Gophers are a common issue for lawns in Riverside. Their subterranean activities can wreak havoc on the lawn you worked so hard to build. 

The first step to treating a gopher problem is identifying it to begin with. Here are some signs of gopher damage to be on the lookout for: 

  • Mounded soil, often in a fan-shaped pattern, is a telltale sign.
  • Gopher tunnels are typically unsealed, unlike mole tunnels. These openings may appear as crescent-shaped mounds.
  • Gophers eat plant roots. A sudden, unexplained wilting of plants is a sign of a potential gopher problem. 
  • Gophers may chew through irrigation lines, disrupting water supply to your lawn.
  • On occasion, you might spot a gopher poking its head above ground, particularly near its burrow entrance.

If you notice any combination of these signs, call us right away. We offer targeted gopher control services, employing effective and environmentally conscious methods, including trapping, baiting, fumigation, and exclusion to keep your yard gopher-free.

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    “Courtney is always a pleasure to be around. I always enjoy speaking with her. She is very efficient and diligent in her work. She even educates me about the work she does to our home.”
    - Jesus T.
    “Always efficient, on time, and very mindful and keep things clean.”
    “This is a well-run organization that has quality people working for them. They have done an amazing job for me and have done repair work at a very reasonable cost. I would definitely give them high marks.”
    - John Johnson
    “I highly recommend Compass Pest!”
    “Everyone I have met through this office has been friendly and excels at their job. Michael’s work exceeds my expectations! Thank you Compass Pest!”
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    “I use Compass Pest Management for my quarterly home and business pest control. They have fair prices, and Robert is very responsive when we have an immediate need for services.”
    - Kyle P.
    “Richard performs great professional service.”
    “Will recommend Compass Pest Management to everyone. Thanks Richard!”
    - Jeff M.
    “Been solid since day 1, highly recommend.”
    “Michael always does a great job, I have wrote a review a few years ago and im still happy with the services. This company has been solid since day 1, highly recommend.”
    - Laurence L.
    “Very friendly, knowledgeable and always on time.”
    “We started with Compass about 3 months ago having issues with ants, black and brown widows, wasp nests ect. Michael does an awesome job. Couldn’t be happier with the service.”
    - Caitlyn L.
    “No ant problem now!”
    “I have been with Compass for 5 plus years, very happy with the service. I had a really bad ant problem, no ant problem now! Thank you!”
    - Carolyn B.

Bed Bugs In Riverside: Facts Vs. Fiction

The mention of bed bugs often sparks anxiety and myths. Distinguishing facts from fiction is crucial for effective bed bug management in Riverside. Here is some information to help you sort bed bug fact from fiction:

  • Fiction: You will only find bed bugs in dirty spaces.
    Fact: Bed bugs are equal-opportunity invaders. They are drawn to warmth, carbon dioxide, and blood, regardless of the cleanliness of the environment. 
  • Fiction: Bed bugs are too small to see.
    Fact: While nymphs (young bed bugs) can be challenging to spot due to their size, adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed, and with a careful eye, you can detect them.
  • Fiction: Bed bugs transmit diseases.
    Fact: Bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases directly. However, their bites can lead to itching and discomfort. Excessive scratching may cause secondary infections.
  • Fiction: You will only find bed bugs in beds.
    Fact: Despite their name, bed bugs may infest cracks, crevices, furniture, and even electrical outlets.
  • Fiction: DIY methods are sufficient for bed bug removal.
    Fact: Bed bugs are resilient; self-treatment often leads to incomplete eradication. Professional intervention is essential for comprehensive bed bug control.

If you suspect a bed bug infestation, call us right away. We offer whole-home bed bug removal treatments to eliminate your bed bug problem quickly. We’ll keep bed bugs out of your home so you can sleep in peace bed bug-free

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