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Compass Pest Management Inc. is Riverside County's best value for pest control services. We are a family-owned and -operated, fully licensed pest management company that serves residential and commercial clients throughout Norco, Corona and surrounding cities. We have more than 18 years of experience, 1,000s of satisfied customers, and a solid reputation for offering high-quality service at an affordable price.

Whether we are providing a one-time fumigation or spray treatment or ongoing, regularly scheduled visits, our goal is to resolve your pest problem in Norco, Corona, or other nearby city. We frequently work with homeowners, business owners, property managers/companies, and HOAs throughout Riverside to get rid of a wide array of pests, including but not limited to:

  • Insects: bedbugs, bees, wasps, cockroaches, ticks, ants, spiders, beetles, weevils, moths, snails, crickets, mosquitoes, earwigs, silverfish, etc.
  • Wood destroying organisms: drywood termites, subterranean termites, fungus/dry rot
  • Rodents: gophers, rats, mice, moles
  • Wildlife: snakes, skunks, raccoons, opossums, birds, squirrels, feral cats, bats

For insects and rodents, we use high-potency insecticides, rodenticides, and baits that are carefully and strategically administered for maximum effectiveness and safety. For those who have a problem with fungus or termites, we can inspect the property, determine the extent of the infestation, propose a comprehensive strategy that works for your needs, complete treatments in a timely manner, and perform wood repairs, as necessary. For most wildlife, we offer live-animal trapping, which involves baiting, trapping, and relocating the animal using humane methods. All of our solutions are tailored to the needs and budget of our Norco and Corona clients as well as the specific type of pest we are trying to get rid of.

Call today to learn more. We're open Monday through Saturday, from 7am to 5pm. All of our pest control technicians are licensed by the California Structural Pest Control Board, and two of them are ACE-certified entomologists.

Wildlife Management In Corona, Norco, & Nearby Riverside Cities: Safe & Humane Removal Of Snakes, Birds, Raccoons, Possums & More

Whether you have come across a large snake on your property or noticed a family of birds building a nest in your chimney, Compass Pest Management is readily available to assist you with live-animal trapping services available throughout Norco, Corona, and the rest of Riverside County. We have a large team of wildlife management experts who can be dispatched for same-day home pest control service with all of the tools they need for a safe and successful capture. Because our experts are all well trained and highly experienced, they know which baits and trapping techniques work best for a wide variety of animals, including feral cats, raccoons, rabbits, ferrets, opossums, skunks, snakes, bats, and birds. For these animals, we take great care in how we capture and handle them so that they are not harmed, and then relocate them. Call now to learn more.

Rodent Control In Corona, Norco & Riverside, CA -- We're Experts in Getting Rid Of Rats, Mice & Gophers

It is always a good idea to act quickly if you have noticed any telltale signs of having mice or rats in your Riverside home or business, such as finding small droppings in your pantry or holes in food containers. Because mice and rats reproduce so quickly, you'll want to take swift precautions to ensure that a small issue doesn't turn into a major problem. Mice and rat infestations are not only unnerving, but also destructive and a health hazards; rats and mice can carry diseases, spread bacteria, contaminate food, and damage pipes, insulation, and electrical wires. To help counter such issues, Compass Pest Management offers highly reliable and competitively priced rodent control services to Norco, Corona, and other Riverside residential and commercial clients. Our rodent control services include inspection, assessment, extermination, and prevention/exclusion. Additionally, our rodent management services can extend to gophers, which are a common problem for property owners throughout Eastvale, Corona, Jurupa Valley, Moreno Valley, Fontana, Rialto, Redlands, Norco, Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino, and Riverside.

Getting Rid Of A Bee Or Wasp Swarm, Hive Or Nest From Your Norco Or Corona Property

Coming across a bee or wasp swarm, hive or nest is a serious safety issue. Both bees and wasps can be extremely aggressive, particularly when they feel threatened. If they decide to attack, a victim can get stung hundreds of times, which is not only painful, but also deadly for those who are allergic. At Compass Pest Management, our technicians have years of experience removing honey bees, yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps from homes, businesses, yards, trees, and underground burrows. Using the industry's best techniques, we will locate the queen and her hive or nest (which can be particularly difficult if the bees/wasps have gotten into the walls or attic) and get rid of them. If the bees/wasps are still swarming they'll often leave on their own; however, if they have started to build their nest or hive, then they need to be killed and removed. Call today for a fast, effective, and affordable stinging insect solution to get rid of a bee or wasp swarm, hive, or nest in Corona, Norco, or anywhere else in Riverside County.

Business & Home Termite Inspection, Extermination & Wood Damage Repair In Norco & Corona, CA

One-Time Spray Treatments, Fumigation/Tenting & Ongoing Prevention

With more than 25 years of termite control experience, we've become Corona and Norco's local experts in termite inspection, extermination, and prevention. We provide termite inspections of homes and businesses for $75, which can be used toward the cost of our extermination services. Based upon our inspection, we are able to recommend which method of treatment would be most effective at addressing your termite problem. Possible solutions include localized application of termiticide, tenting and fumigation, or barrier creation. Following a termite treatment, we can also have our in-house carpenters perform termite-related wood repair/reconstruction. Wood reconstruction is focused on replacing the bad wood and generally excludes stucco and paint. Call today to learn more about our termite control service.

Gopher Control, Norco, Corona, & Other Riverside, California Cities

Having served business owners and homeowners throughout Riverside County since 1997, Compass Pest Management knows how to get rid of gophers. We use a combination of baiting, rodenticide, and traps, and can provide gopher removal service on a one-time or recurring basis. For clients with bigger lots or more rural land in either Norco or Corona, we usually recommend regularly scheduled service on a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly basis. Our gopher control services, available throughout Riverside County, are always competitively priced, and we can provide onsite consultation to determine the extent of your gopher problem.

Bed Bug Extermination Services For Corona, Norco & Surrounding Areas

First and foremost, we want our clients to know that there is nothing to be embarrassed about if you have a bed bug infestation. We've found bed bugs in some of the cleanest homes and businesses around. The real problem has to do with the fact that bed bugs are so easy to pick up. Bed bugs can hide on lobby couches, movie theater seats, airplane seats, etc., or hitch a ride in your luggage and promptly migrate into any location in your home that emanates heat, such as a lamp or bed. These bloodsucking parasites then hide in the nooks and crannies of your home or business until they need to feed. That's why noticing bloodstains on your bedsheets is one of the strongest indications that you have bed bugs.

For the best chance of getting rid of your bed bug infestation, call Compass Pest Management. We have over 18 years of experience locating and killing bed bugs in all types of Riverside properties, including homes, hotels/motels, boarding schools, and more throughout Norco and Corona. Treatments depend on the severity of the infestation as well as your budget. Spot treatments and fumigation/tenting are always performed by our very own highly experienced, well-trained, and fully licensed pest control technicians. Call today to learn more about our bed bug control solutions.

Ongoing, Preventative Pest Control Services For Corona, Norco & Surrounding Cities In Riverside, CA

The technicians at Compass Pest Management excel at indoor and outdoor pest management. In addition to one-time home pest treatments, we also offer homeowners, business owners, HOAs, and property management companies/managers in Norco and Corona ongoing preventative pest control services at a cost-effective price. This service can be customized for any number of invasive pests, such as termites, ants, mice, rats, and/or cockroaches, and scheduled on a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly basis. Call today for a free estimate.

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    “Efficient and diligent!”
    “Courtney is always a pleasure to be around. I always enjoy speaking with her. She is very efficient and diligent in her work. She even educates me about the work she does to our home.”
    - Jesus T.
    “Always efficient, on time, and very mindful and keep things clean.”
    “This is a well-run organization that has quality people working for them. They have done an amazing job for me and have done repair work at a very reasonable cost. I would definitely give them high marks.”
    - John Johnson
    “I highly recommend Compass Pest!”
    “Everyone I have met through this office has been friendly and excels at their job. Michael’s work exceeds my expectations! Thank you Compass Pest!”
    - Linda A.
    “Very responsive when we have an immediate need for services.”
    “I use Compass Pest Management for my quarterly home and business pest control. They have fair prices, and Robert is very responsive when we have an immediate need for services.”
    - Kyle P.
    “Richard performs great professional service.”
    “Will recommend Compass Pest Management to everyone. Thanks Richard!”
    - Jeff M.
    “Been solid since day 1, highly recommend.”
    “Michael always does a great job, I have wrote a review a few years ago and im still happy with the services. This company has been solid since day 1, highly recommend.”
    - Laurence L.
    “Very friendly, knowledgeable and always on time.”
    “We started with Compass about 3 months ago having issues with ants, black and brown widows, wasp nests ect. Michael does an awesome job. Couldn’t be happier with the service.”
    - Caitlyn L.
    “No ant problem now!”
    “I have been with Compass for 5 plus years, very happy with the service. I had a really bad ant problem, no ant problem now! Thank you!”
    - Carolyn B.

Commercial Pest Control For Riverside County, California: Corona, Norco & Surrounding Cities

Since 1997, we've helped thousands of commercial clients throughout Riverside County get rid of a wide range of insects, rodents, and wildlife. Despite working in the industry for nearly two decades, we've never lost sight of the fact that we are a service business. As such, we treat our clients with respect, offer customized solutions, and use high-quality products in conjunction with the industry's leading techniques. Most of our clients are referred to us and decide to stay with us year after year because of the effectiveness of our pest control services, affordable rates, superior customer service, and level of responsiveness. Call today to schedule a free on-site consultation or learn more about our commercial pest control options in Riverside, CA (excluding termite inspections).

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