Benefits Of Professional Gopher Control In Riverside


Riverside, California, grew out of a thriving citrus industry and is now the largest city in the county. Its flavorful history is well documented, with over 100 landmarks commemorating its citrus roots. One long-time resident that finds the roots of this area delicious is the local gopher. Without pest control in Riverside, this destructive critter might start making a mess of area orchards, gardens, and yards.

How Can I Tell If My Yard Has A Gopher Problem?

Gophers are rodents that can quickly damage Riverside yards. These critters are active year-round and operate primarily underground, so you rarely see them during the daytime. Since gophers are herbivores, they love to feast on plants, which makes gopher control in Riverside vital. While they can eat the tops of plants, their favorite parts, the tubers (where the plant stores its starches for energy) and roots, are easily accessible underground. Occasionally, gophers will pop their heads up (out of a "feeding hole") to nibble on nearby plants, but they can also take a whole plant underground to eat it. Since these rodents are sneaky, property owners must watch for noticeable signs of their arrival.

Five signs of gophers plaguing your property include the following:

  1. Loose mounds of crescent-shaped dirt around your yard
  2. Damaged or missing plants from gardens or orchards
  3. Trees with missing bark
  4. Damaged plastic water lines
  5. Damaged irrigation systems and sprinklers

Damages gophers inflict on properties are often extensive and costly, so obtaining the best gopher control solutions is vital. Compass Pest Management can help property owners watch for gophers with monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly services to prevent problems before they start.

Difficulties Of DIY Gopher Treatments Around Riverside

Chasing down gophers in Riverside is challenging. DIY gopher control may seem appealing, but in the long run, it usually fails, costing property owners valuable time and money. One of the most challenging aspects of gopher removal is locating their main burrow, which involves probing. Probes come in all shapes and sizes, so choosing the best size may present some challenges. Probing also consists of a lot of trial, error, and patience. Once you find your gopher, the problem of removal can get tricky. It is, after all, a wild animal.

Gopher control devices like traps are available for purchase, but there's no guarantee the traps you buy will be effective, and it can prove challenging to know where to place them. Regularly checking traps can get time-consuming, and it can prove highly frustrating when traps need to be continually reset. Popular DIY options like owl boxes, repellents, natural products, vibrating or ultrasonic devices, and fumigation or gas products are often ineffective and sometimes dangerous. Additionally, toxic baits require careful handling as they can affect pets, people, and local wildlife. Removing gophers from your property is a challenging task. At Compass Pest Management, we can take the guesswork out of gopher removal. Our technicians are well-versed in pest identification and biology; we know how gophers think, where they hide, and the best ways to achieve quick removal.

All The Benefits Professional Gopher Control Brings

Taking steps to enlist help from a professional for gopher control can greatly destress your life and save you money and time. The skilled technicians at Compass Pest Management are licensed, experienced, and knowledgeable in gopher behaviors. We can quickly identify gopher burrows and use the right tools, materials, and products to remove them from local properties. Our products and application equipment are top-of-the-line, assuring property owners that gopher removal is handled efficiently and safely.

Call Compass Pest Management For Gophers In Riverside

Established in 1997, Compass Pest Management has been extending excellent gopher pest control solutions to the residents of Riverside for over 25 years. Our family-owned and operated company has deep roots in the surrounding community. Our dependable technicians receive ongoing training, allowing our company to handle whatever pest problems Riverside residents may encounter. Are gophers making a mess around your property? Call Compass Pest Management today for professional services that can take the burden of gopher removal off your shoulders.

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