A Guide To Easy And Effective Bee Removal In Riverside


Bees play an essential role in creating a healthy and viable ecosystem. They are extremely beneficial but can be dangerous if they get too close to you or your home. At Compass Pest Management, we know how to keep you safe from these stinging insects. We have been providing pest control in Riverside for over two decades and have the advanced experience to know how to solve all of your bee problems.

We Owe A Lot To The Little Honey Bee

Most people know that bees make honey. And while that is a huge benefit of having them around, that is not the only thing that they are good at. 

Bees have tiny hairs all over their body that allow pollen to easily stick to them. As they travel from plant to plant, the pollen is spread from one plant to the next. If it wasn't for their impressive pollination abilities, many of the plants that we use and eat would not be able to grow. 

Some of the pollen bees pick up as they travel is carried back to the hive, where they use it to make honey. The honey that they make is not only sweet and tasty, but raw honey has been known to have antibacterial properties and can be a healthy alternative to sugar. When they are not too close to us or our homes, bees can be a major benefit to the ecosystem and our food chain. 

Why Bees In The Yard Can Be A Problem

Even though there are many advantages to having bees around, you may not want them living too close to your home. They are social insects that tend to live in large colonies. Honey bees in Riverside will build their nest in places they feel will be safe from predators and other damage. Unfortunately, this means that they will sometimes choose to build their nest in the walls and insulation of your home. This creates a stinging hazard in your home and can also be problematic because of the weight of the hive (they can grow to be over eight pounds), as well as the mess their honey can make inside your home. 

It's Very Dangerous To Try To Move A Beehive On Your Own

If you have bee hives around your home, it's understandable why you would want him to be removed. However, you should never try to remove one by yourself. Bees are not usually aggressive, but if they feel that their hive is being threatened, they will attack. 

When a bee stings a person, their stinger, along with a dose of bee venom, is injected into the person's skin. Most of the time, a bee sting will cause pain and minor swelling. However, bee control is important to many people allergic to bee venom. Just one bee sting can cause them to experience severe allergic reactions, which could include:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Swelling of the tongue, throat, and lips
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Weak pulse
  • Fainting or loss of consciousness

If you are allergic to bee stings, you will usually start to have an adverse reaction within minutes. If you feel unwell or different after getting stung by a bee, you should seek medical help as soon as possible. 

Contact Us For Help To Safely Remove A Beehive

Even if you are not allergic to bees, getting stung by several bees at one time can be hazardous to your health. If you see a beehive on your Riverside property, don't hesitate to contact us today. At Compass Pest Management, we can safely remove the beehive from your property and help you devise a bee and wasp control plan that will deter bees from building a nest around your home in the future.

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