Riverside's Battle With Rodent Control


Riverside rodent control is your most powerful weapon for winning the war against rodents. Here in Riverside, rodents wage nearly endless battles against our homes and businesses, and it only gets worse when the temperatures start to drop. 

Rodents make for especially tricky residential pests. Even large rodents are still relatively small, and more importantly, rodents are capable of squeezing into tiny spaces and openings. Yes, it’s technically possible for rodents like rats and mice to hole up outdoors during the colder months, but because they’re still mammals at heart, they prefer to find warm, sturdy places where they can feel safe and protected. 

Not only do our homes provide rodents with warmth and shelter, but they also (most likely) provide rodents with food and water sources. For example, a pet bowl filled with water left out overnight could give rats fresh water night after night. Rodents can easily damage even fully intact food packaging with their sharp teeth. 

So, that explains why rodents want to invade our homes in the first place. Now, we can turn to the process of removing them and the problems that arise when you don’t have them removed properly. Let’s get started.  

What Is Rodent Control?

We’ll start by answering a simple but important question: what is rodent control? Basically, rodent control is the process of addressing rodent infestations, often in homes and businesses. However, the specifics of rodent control– how it all happens– depend heavily on a variety of different factors. 

Different rodent pests may require different methods. One rodent control service might prefer certain techniques over others. And, of course, rodent control also includes rodent prevention efforts, which focus on keeping rodents out of a particular building or structure in the first place, alleviating the need for subsequent removal processes. 

Also, not all rodent control is professional rodent control. DIY rodent control does exist, but in nearly every case, we recommend against handling a rodent problem alone. It’s more dangerous and less effective overall. 

Rodent Dangers: Health Risks And Property Damage

Having rodents in your home is unpleasant enough, but there are other dangers at play in one of these situations. Notably, rodents can present health risks and property damage to your home. For example, rodents in the attic, the basement, or other areas of the house you don’t use as often may cause property damage over time. Rodents commonly chew through food packaging, tear apart materials to use them in their nests, and may even chew through electrical wiring or pipes, leading to even more serious issues in the future. 

You should take rodent health risks seriously. Rodents can carry various germs that will turn into dangerous diseases inside the human body. These can spread through direct contact, droppings, urine, or saliva. Rodents also commonly attract parasites, which may transfer to human hosts if they see an opportunity to do so. 

Professional Rodent Control: Why Expertise Matters

Now that we’ve introduced the basics of rodent control and why it’s important, we want to briefly touch on the biggest benefits of working with professionals rather than going it alone: 

  • Professionals can handle different types of rodents that affect homes, while DIY efforts may only apply to certain rodents. 
  • Professional rodent control is faster and more efficient than DIY control. 
  • Rodent control technicians can safely address rodent problems without putting you or themselves at risk. 
  • Professional rodent control is far more convenient than DIY control.  

We hope you’ll carefully consider the benefits of professional rodent control before trying to handle the situation on your own. 

Contact The Pros For The Most Effective Rodent Control For Your Home

So, if you’re struggling with house rodents, it’s time to partner with a pest control service in your area offering rodent control services. All you need to do is check the company’s website. 

If you’re searching for residential rodent control near you, search no further. Compass Pest Management is proud to serve our residents in the Riverside area. To get started, contact us today through our website or by phone.

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