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Fontana, CA Pest Control

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Pest Control In Fontana, CA

Home of the Auto Club Speedway, Fontana is a friendly and high-energy California town strategically located near Los Angeles and Long Beach ports.

Its residents appreciate the many events organized throughout the year, like the Fontana Days Parade with its floats and marching bands, and enjoy the sunny weather in the popular Fontana Park, the nearby Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center, and more.

But with its high number of warehouses and manufacturing facilities, and simply because it's a busy city, it can also be a hub for many pests. If you have spotted an infestation in your home or business, Compass Pest Management provides pest control in Fontana, CA, to thousands of satisfied customers. 

Residential Pest Control In Fontana

When it comes to residential pest control solutions, all Compass Pest Management specialists pride themselves on providing value, science-based strategies, and excellent customer service.

Have invaders like bed bugs, termites, scavengers, and other nuisances invaded your home? If so, we can help. Most properties around Fontana are at risk of infestations, even if you are proactive with putting food away throughout the day and generally try to keep your house in good condition.

Combining your efforts with occasional treatments when needed is the best way to protect your family from germs and your home from structural damage. 

Call us today to schedule an inspection. We will show you exactly why you are dealing with an infestation and how best to avoid it. After thoroughly examining your home, we can immediately proceed with treatments, de-webbing, and more. 

Whether you require a one-time treatment or regular services, we have options that will work for you and include a 30-day guarantee. Let's get started and stop your pest infestation in its tracks.

Commercial Pest Control In Fontana

Local businesses need customized and science-based commercial pest control methods, but knowing where to start can seem overwhelming. Take the guesswork out of keeping your property safe, and call Compass Pest Management today to learn how we keep Fontana businesses safe year-round.

There are many reasons why we have thousands of highly-satisfied customers who rely on us for ongoing pest management strategies. Our budget-friendly and reliable services cover everything from one-time services to ongoing pest control management. No matter your situation, we have options that meet your needs.

Pests can cause many issues, spread germs around your facility, and lead to costly property damage. Get started today and keep your customers and staff safe from rodents, roaches, ants, bed bugs, wood-destroying pests, and more.

How To Prevent Gophers Tearing Up Your Lawn In Fontana

Dealing with gophers can be frustrating, especially if you've spent much time and money on landscaping. Still, there are several measures you can take to prevent them from tearing up your lawn.

Here are some of the most effective ones:

  • Be proactive: We unknowingly attract various pests by providing them with what they need to thrive. One common culprit is the abundance of hiding spots, like overgrown bushes and weeds. Keeping your yard tidy is essential to deter gophers and other lawn pests.
  • Improve soil drainage: Improving drainage in your lawn reduces soil moisture, making it less attractive for gophers. Dry soil makes tunneling difficult, discouraging gophers from burrowing in your yard.
  • Consider wire mesh fences: Creating an underground barrier around your lawn's perimeter or garden boxes can be effective against gopher infestations.
  • Remove food sources: Gophers are attracted to certain plants like carrots, tulips, and lilies. If gophers are a problem on your property, switching to plant varieties that aren't as appealing to them can help.

Eliminating gophers can be a complex process for homeowners, but at Compass Pest Management, we have what it takes to get rid of them for good.

Call us today to learn about our effective and eco-friendly gopher control strategies, like trapping, baiting, fumigation, and exclusion.

Why Bed Bugs In Fontana Need Professional Attention To Eliminate

If you've been waking up to itchy bites on your body arranged in a line or zig-zag pattern, you may have become the target of bed bugs.

These nuisance pests are common in Fontana and are known for being challenging to eliminate. Here are some of the reasons why they require professional attention:

  • Bed bugs can be difficult to spot: These tiny pests are excellent at hiding in small cracks and crevices. Besides, they can infest not only beds but also furniture, carpets, and other areas. We have the experience and knowledge to identify all hiding spots and use treatments that reach the entire colony.
  • Bed bugs are adaptable: They are resilient pests that can survive many do-it-yourself treatments, persist for months without feeding, and quickly reproduce, making professional-grade techniques necessary.
  • We use a practical, holistic approach: Our Compass Pest Management pest control technicians use comprehensive bed bug control techniques to ensure long-term success. The only thing worse than a bed bug infestation is dealing with a reinfestation when you thought the problem was over.
  • We offer recommendations to prevent reinfestations: From proper cleaning practices to preventive measures, we will help ensure you can sleep soundly, knowing your bed bug problem is gone for good.

While DIY methods may seem cost-effective, they are often ineffective against bed bugs and can lead to prolonged infestations. Call us today to get started with safe and effective strategies to eliminate them at every stage of their life cycle.

When you need top-rated, locally and family-owned pest control solutions, Compass Pest Management is here to help with top-rated residential and commercial pest control strategies in Fontana, CA.

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