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Jurupa Valley, CA Pest Control

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Reliable Pest Control In Jurupa Valley, CA

Jurupa Valley is a suburb of San Bernardino in the Inland Empire. The Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center provides educational experiences and The Cove Waterpark summer fun, but the community is primarily residential. However, its location in the Greater Los Angeles area offers a wide range of entertainment options within driving distance.

This Riverside County city enables residents to live near a major city while avoiding the hectic aspects. Unfortunately, its natural features create more pest problems than in more populated areas. These creatures can damage buildings and cause illnesses, making them a threat to homes and businesses. Jurupa Valley, CA pest control experts will alleviate these concerns.

Compass Pest Management is the pest specialist for Jurupa Valley homes and businesses. We’ll solve your pest concerns and prevent future issues.

Residential Pest Control In Jurupa Valley

Pests can cause significant problems when they invade Jurupa Valley homes. While some are only nuisances and don’t present danger, others can damage your house and cause illnesses in your family. Finding and removing these intrusive animals can be risky because they can be defensive, threatening your safety. Residential pest control professionals have the knowledge and tools to protect your household.

At Compass Pest Management, our services start by inspecting your property for pest activity. We might ask if we can apply products during our search because treating as we go solves your problem quickly to avoid further issues. Regardless, we can usually provide the initial treatment on the same day as the inspection.

We offer weekly, monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly recurring services, and all plans include a 30-day guarantee. Call us for more details about our residential offerings.

Commercial Pest Control In Jurupa Valley

Jurupa Valley is home to various businesses that provide valuable services for residents. Anything that slows production hinders enjoyment in this community, and pests can disrupt production by damaging equipment, infesting inventory, and spreading illnesses. Commercial pest control services take proactive approaches when dealing with these intruders.

When our technicians at Compass Pest Management arrive at your facility, we’ll discuss your pest concerns. Many industries set strict standards, and we want to help you meet those requirements. We’ll walk through your facility to find pest activity, entry points, and attractive conditions and develop a customized solution.

Pests threaten commercial facilities year-round, so we offer monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly recurring services. Everything depends on your needs, and we’ll help you find the right plan. Contact us today to protect your Jurupa Valley business.

Five Facts Every Jurupa Valley Resident Should Know About Bed Bugs

Most Jurupa Valley residents know that bed bugs are troublesome in homes, but many don’t understand how they invade, where they hide, or how to eliminate them. As a result, they live in fear of an infestation without knowing how to prevent them. Fortunately, we can provide tips on how to keep bed bugs away.

The key to bed bug control is knowing the habits of these insects. You can prevent infestations if you understand how they get into buildings and where they reside. Five facts every Jurupa Valley resident should know about bed bugs include:

  1. Infestations start when residents inadvertently carry the pests home in bags or luggage.
  2. Bed bugs infest anywhere people rest.
  3. Bed bugs bite without waking people.
  4. Bed bugs can go more than a year without a meal.
  5. Bed bugs can cause paranoia, sleeplessness, and anxiety.

At Compass Pest Management, we’ll inspect your house to find bed bugs and determine the severity of the problem. We provide whole-house treatments to eliminate infestations and can treat apartments, hotels, and multiple units.

We’ll follow up with you two weeks after our initial treatment and ensure the infestation is resolved. We also recommend mattress encasements for protection. Let us know if bed bugs are causing problems in your Jurupa Valley home.

Guide To Minimizing Wasp Stings In Jurupa Valley

Wasps are concerning pests to find around your Jurupa Valley property. They’re rarely aggressive but will sting if they feel threatened or disturbed. They generally don’t inject enough venom to be medically dangerous, but some people suffer allergic reactions when stung. Allergic or not, you probably want to avoid their painful stings.

These stinging insects are drawn to sweet smells like flowers and fruit trees. Outdoor food and beverages can also attract them. These facts provide clues to avoid wasp stings around your Jurupa Valley home. Some tips to minimize wasp stings include:

  • Cover food and beverages while outside.
  • Avoid flower-scented products.
  • Wear light-colored clothing.
  • Remain calm when wasps are flying around.

Handling these creatures or their nests can be dangerous because they’ll sting if threatened. At Compass Pest Management, we know how to remove these creatures and destroy their nests without causing further problems. Our technicians are licensed and experienced with this type of work.

We’ll follow up two weeks after the initial service and provide a 30-day warranty with our wasp removal services. Give us a call to remove wasps from your Jurupa Valley property.

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