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Gophers & Moles

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What are gophers & moles?

Because they live underground, you might not see gophers or moles, but here are some identifiable traits of each:


  • Medium-sized rodents with a flat head and stocky body
  • Brown to black with white feet and a white tail
  • Small eyes and ears
  • Large claws on their front paws


  • Small mammals that are usually six to eight inches long
  • Velvety brown and dark grey fur
  • Small eyes hidden by fur
  • Large clawed paws
  • Hairless snout

Most people view gophers and moles as a nuisance because they cause damage in yards; however, they are also beneficial because they help keep other pest populations under control and aerate the ground, which helps keep the soil healthy.

Are gophers & moles dangerous?

While there may be some benefits to having these pests around, there are many reasons to worry about them on your property. For example, gophers carry fleas and ticks and spread hantavirus, rabies, leptospirosis, and tularemia, while moles don't spread diseases but can cause extensive damage like gophers. This damage is not only cosmetic but can cause tripping hazards and other issues.

Why do I have a gopher & mole problem?

Contrary to popular belief, gophers and moles are attracted to healthy lawns and not poorly maintained ones. Healthy lawns have soft soil, making it easier to tunnel for the food sources these pests consume, including grubs, larvae, earthworms, and more.

Where will I find gophers & moles?

As mentioned above, gophers and moles live underground, so there is a good chance you will never see the animals themselves. However, there are some signs you can look for to tell where gophers and moles are on your property. These signs include:

  • Crescent moon-shaped mounds of dirt.
  • Areas of dead grass.
  • Dirt and grass crisscrossing over the lawn.
  • Dead and uprooted plants.
  • Damage to sprinkler systems.

If you believe you have one of these critters in your yard but are unsure which you are dealing with, look to area experts for assistance with identification and removal.

How do I get rid of gophers & moles?

Dealing with gophers and moles is tricky because they live underground and aren't as easy to identify and treat as other common pests on residential properties. However, the process can be made easy with help from pest control experts like those at Compass Pest Management.

We will inspect your property for signs of these pests, and once we determine your pest problem, we will create a mole or gopher treatment plan. After treatment, we will follow up if needed and provide a 30-day warranty. Depending on your situation, these can be one-time services or ongoing with monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly visits.

Contact us at Compass Pest Management to learn more about how we can help with gophers and moles.

How can I prevent gophers & moles in the future?

To prevent future issues with gophers and moles, try digging a trench around the perimeter of your property that is three feet deep, filling it with rocks.

Another thing you can use to deter them is strong-smelling plants. Create a barrier using marigolds, daffodils, sage, thyme, and other similar plants

Compass Pest Management can assist with your gopher and mole needs, so reach out to us today for gopher control and removal in Riverside!

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